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Photography Studio

My home Studio in Whiteley, Hampshire is a relaxing, calm, and friendly environment for families. The detached building was originally the garage to my home, which has been renovated, insulated, and made into a cosy space for me to capture your lovely photos. There is a small sofa for you to get comfortable and relax, and I can offer you water, tea, and coffee. Please do feel free to bring snacks with you, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

There is a large children’s play park and playing fields next to the studio, and Whiteley Shopping is a short walk across the Meadowside field.

I provide all the props, from little wooden containers, to outfits, headbands, wraps, and blankets in several different colours. Take a look at my Gallery and let me know which poses, props, colours, backdrops are your favourites so they can be incorporated into your session where possible.

Please see here for details of the sessions that I offer, and Contact me for availability.

Photography Studio in Whiteley, Hampshire
Newborn Baby Wraps and Blankets
Cake Smash Studio Outfits
Photography Studio Props
Studio Sofa for you to relax during the photography session
Relaxing, Calm, and Friendly Environment